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Treatment process: 1. Add Patient Info. 2. Make Payment to get prescription. 3. Login and view Prescription (within two working days, after payments). 4. Buy medicine from disease treatment Link.

This is not disease treatment. First We have to find out the cause of disease by researching patient disease information. So, we need two working days to research.

This is cause of disease treatment. It can cure your disease.

Managed by this healthcarehomeopathy.com, by the experienced Homeopathic doctor certified by the Bangladesh Homeopathic Board. We have been providing homeopathy treatment services to worldwide as an alternative medical service, including Bangladesh.

Online treatment for International Patients:

Step 1: Apply for Free Patient Admission.
Step 2:Login and Upload pathology report image.
Step 3: Login and post disease status daily basis.
Step 4: Login and view doctor advice.
Step 5:Login and view your bill.
Step 6: After your payment is received,we send the prescription within two working days.
Step 7:Login and view prescription page and get the prescription.
Step 8:Buy the medicine from our Buy Medicine Menu.